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  Elements of Drug Induced Behavior

Elements of Drug Induced Behavior

In the course of his extensive career as a homicide detective, Dr. Thomas Streed became involved in the investigations of hundreds of violent crimes, which were the consequence of the national epidemic of drug abuse, particularly cocaine and methamphetamine. Meth alone accounts for an estimated 6 million dollars in property and felony crimes per year. In the course of his extensive interactions with drug abusers, he became an expert in patterns of drug abuse, the recognition of chronic drug-induced behavior, and objective symptoms of acute drug intoxication.

In this seminar, designed for your specific needs, Dr. Streed instructs on such topics as:

  • A brief history of drug abuse;
  • Brain reactions and effects on the individual from various drugs;
  • Recognition of the chronic behavioral patterns of drug abuse;
  • Detecting symptoms of acute drug intoxication (marijuana, depressants, stimulants, opioids, and hallucinogens);
  • Effective and ineffective interaction with intoxicated drug abusers.

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