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  The Hostile Workplace

As a recognized expert in violent behavior, Dr. Thomas Streed has observed and investigated the environments, personalities, and circumstances that contribute to a hostile workplace.

This is the "real-world" seminar, designed to provide employees, managers and administrators with the tools they need to recognize and deal with corporate vulnerabilities, such as: [a] threats from criminal acts; [b] threats from those for whom the organization provides services; [c] threats from former and/or present employees; [d] threats from outsiders who have a personal relationship with and employee; and [e] threats from terrorists.

This seminar address such topics as:

  • The basis and foundation of hostility in the workplace;
  • The five categories of workplace violence;
  • Realistic treat assessment;
  • Tactics of defusing a toxic work experience;
  • Dealing with high-risk individuals.

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