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  Conducting Effective Interviews

Conducting Effective Interviews
Dr. Thomas Streed

Over the span of his extensive career in law enforcement, Dr. Thomas Streed became internationally recognized as an expert in Interviewing and Interrogation. His expertise is currently accepted in both Superior and Federal Courts.

Dr. Streed has modified the application of the skills he has developed in Interviewing and Interrogation to fit the needs of the corporate world. The corporate application involves such areas as pre-employment interviews, theft investigations, personnel issues and disorder in the workplace.

In this seminar, the student is trained in ethical and lawful methods of conducting interviews that enable them to obtain information from individuals within a non-confrontational matrix.

This seminar includes such topics as:

  • What causes people to not want to talk to you.
  • The right time, location and rationale for an interview.
  • Encouraging conversation from different types of personalities.
  • Word games people play.
  • Three phases of the interview process: Entry, Event and Escape.
  • Nouveau methods for the detection of deception and assessing the validity of a statement.

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