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Half-Day: $  6,000.00
Full-Day: $10,000.00
Keynote: $12,500.00

  The Hostile Workplace
Participants will learn to recognize the precursors of violence in the workplace and to assess the
level of threat posed by a specific individual and/or circumstance. This seminar pertains to both
internal and external corporate and personal threats.
  C.V.A.: Control of Verbal Aggression
Participants will learn the basis and foundation of verbal aggression, as well as methods for the recognition and control of such conduct. This training is applicable for dealing with verbal aggression regardless of whether it is encountered in the workplace, or elsewhere.
  Dealing with Difficult People
Participants will learn to recognize the traits and practices of hard-to-get-along-with individuals
and the coping and survival skills necessary for dealing with difficult people. The seminar also
deals with diagnostic criteria that aids in identifying those who may be afflicted with various mental disorders that impact their performance, and the performance of others, in the workplace. Various tactics and techniques for dealing with disturbed individuals are provided.
  Elements of Drug-Induced Behavior
Participants will learn to recognize patterns and objective symptoms of subtle and acute drug intoxication and how to contend with such behavior.
  Suicide: Symptoms of Self- Destruction
Participants will learn the myths and realities of self-destructive conduct, as well as the signs and symptoms of suicidal ideation that are illustrated in a 50-point template describing such behavior.
  Managing Your Stress
Participants will lean the physiological and emotional impact of stress on the individual and various tools, tactics and techniques for dealing with it.
  Sexual Harassment - A Plague in the Workplace
Participants will learn the protections afforded by Title VII of the civil Rights Act of 1964 as it relates
to sexual harassment that explicitly or implicitly affects an individualís employment, interferes with an individualís work performance, or creates an intimidating or offensive work environment.
  Conducting Effective Interviews
This seminar pertains to methodology for the preparation and execution of pre-employment
interviews, personal issues, theft investigations, and disorder in the workplace. Participants will be trained in ethical and lawful methods of conducting interviews that enable them to obtain reliable and valid information within a non-confrontational matrix.
  Streed-Smart: Protecting Yourself from Danger in the Streets and While Traveling
Participants will learn to recognize a high-risk environment, as well as various tactics and
techniques for avoiding and/or contending with such risks.
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