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Streed-Smart Recognizing and Dealing with Danger in the streets... and while traveling.

We are inundated on a nightly basis with an unprecedented volume of news stories about people who have fallen prey to violence in the streets and while traveling.

The FBI Crime Clock tells us that in the U.S. there is an Aggravated Assault every 36.9 seconds; a Robbery every 1.3 minutes; a Forcible Rape every 5.6 minutes; and a Murder every 32.6 minutes. There is a Property Crime reported every 3.1 seconds.

Many individuals go about their personal and/or corporate affairs in a perceptual vacuum and are oblivious to the environment, as well as to high-risk individuals whom they are about to encounter. This seminar is designed to [a] train individuals to recognize potential threats whenever and wherever they occur; [b] avoid a potential threat; and [c] respond, if necessary, in a manner that increases the likelihood of defeating the threat.

This seminar includes such topics as:

  • Generating a less-vulnerable appearance (How to erase the invisible "V" on you forehead that means "victim" that only a predator can see).
  • Threat Assessment: Individuals (Criminals, Political Extremists); Environmental (At Home, Hotels, Bars, Restaurants, Unfamiliar Areas); and Situational (Traveling: By Auto, By Air, By Rail, By Taxi, By Cruise Lines, In Foreign Countries).
  • Behavioral characteristics of predators.
  • Five processes that precede violence.
  • Effective and ineffective reactions to threats.

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