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  Managing Your Stress

Managing Your Stress
Dr. Thomas Streed

The complete absensce of stress in the human condition is a circumstance you should try to avoid called death. In short, you cannot survive without some stress in your life - but the secret is that it must be controlled.

In the course of his extensive career as a homicide detective, Dr. Thomas Streed was continually exposed to extraordinary amounts of stress coming from such sources as violent personalities, bereaved families, the media, police administrators, and events transpiring relative to the judicial system

In this seminar, participants are acquainted with healthy, as well as unhealthy, reactions to stress and specific tactics and techniques that help in controlling stress.

This seminar includes such topics as:

  • The human response (General Adaptation Syndrome) to stress:
  • Common and ineffective responses to stress;
  • The value and benefit of controlled stress;
  • The Streed-Smart method for putting stress to work for you .

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