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  Suicide: Symptoms of Self-Destruction


Suicide is at epidemic proportion. The statistics indicate that it is the 11th ranking cause of death in the U.S., with an average of 787,000 annual suicide attempts and one successful suicide every 16.7 minutes.

The data also indicates that the number of persons who are intimately affected by a suicide averages six other people, which includes not only family, but co-workers, friends and associates.

This seminar is an in-depth examination of the myths, realities and trends of suicidal behavior. There is emphasis placed on the recognition of the warning signs and symptoms of suicidal ideation, as well as recognition of high-risk environmental and situational phenomena that may trigger a suicide attempt in predisposed individuals.

This seminar includes such topics as:

  • Recognition of various behavioral disorders that may predispose individuals to suicide;
  • The three phases of suicidal ideation with a 50-point mnemonic template that describes predisposition to suicidal behavior;
  • The elements of when suicidal ideation erodes into fantasies of murder-suicide;
  • Strategies and techniques of intervention for dealing with suicidal ideation.

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